Combined cycle

SENER has carried out projects in combined-cycle power plants with multi-shaft and single-shaft configurations, with both open and combined cycles. SENER also has experience in different types of fuel (liquid, gas, dual), and circulation systems (Tower, ACC).

The company can adapt to any configuration, manufacturer, technology, and design conditions to obtain optimal performance. 


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Boroa combined cycle plant

Boroa combined cycle plant, Amorebieta, Biscay, Spain. The combined cycle at Boroa in Amorebieta (Biscay-Spain), with its [+]

Pilar combined cycle plant

Pilar combined cycle plant, Córdoba, Argentina. The SENER-Electroingeniería consortium has built, the EPC, LSTK contract, of [+]

Norte combined cycle plant

Norte combined cycle plant, Durango, Mexico. Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) adjudged to the company Unión Fenosa [+]

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