Green Hydrogen

At SENER, for years we have been working on hydrogen, a key resource for decarbonization. We develop disruptive ideas that drive the evolution of this industry, using cutting-edge technologies in all phases of a project, from design to start-up. Our experience in the safe treatment of H2 and other gases, combined with extensive knowledge of power generation, means we can continue working with you to make hydrogen a solution for the future.

At SENER, we believe in green hydrogen to foster a more sustainable tomorrow to contribute to the energy transition through engineering and technology solutions.

Green hydrogen generation

Electrolysis is fast becoming the most interesting solution for the large-scale generation of green hydrogen. It is a technique that, through the application of an electric current, converts water into hydrogen and oxygen atoms. At SENER, we work on the technological development of hydrogen generation solutions, with a view to offering the market more efficient and cost-effective solutions.

We also work on the optimal integration of the electrolysis equipment, including hydrogen generation, water and electricity supply, and the subsequent phases of compression, storage and use, as well as the possible transformation thereof into other products. In this way, and by providing the system with intelligence and manageability, we maximize the overall efficiency of the solution without losing flexibility.

We are also developing green H2 generation technology from bioalcohols or ammonia, as possible hydrogen carriers. These solutions will complement the use of H2 where there is not enough renewable electricity generation or in mobility applications where it is not possible to ship large volumes of compressed hydrogen, such as in the marine world.

Storage, transport and uses of H2

The green hydrogen-based economy faces not only the challenge of cost-effective generation, but also that of safe storage and transportation, which substantially increases the cost of the final product. At SENER, we accompany our clients when it comes to evaluating different options for storing and shipping H2 as compressed, liquid, converted to ammonia or other carriers currently under study.

Our marine and liquefied natural gas experience puts us in an excellent position to design, for example, ammonia terminals and hydrogen gas carrier. Once it has reached its destination, we have the capability to conceive the processes of unloading, ammonia cracking, gasification, injection into hydroduct or into the natural gas pipeline network to transport that H2 to its final use.

At SENER, we are already present in:

  • Optimization of the design of hydrogen generation plants, especially with high-power plants in mind.
  • Analysis of the different options for storage, transport and use of H2, either in carriers or for the production of other products such as synthetic fuels.
  • Design of hydrogen transportation networks.
  • Design of mixing solutions for H2 with natural gas for industrial uses, for example, in steel mills.
  • Injection into combined cycle gas turbines.
  • Use of fuel cells for power generation.
  • Use of co-generation solutions (CHP) for buildings, with fuel cells, engines or microturbines.
  • Integration of H2 refilling station solutions for mobility.
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