Terminal de Gas Natural Licuado en Zeebrugge (Bélgica)SENER firmly believes in the value of natural gas as the most efficient and environmentally friendly of the fossil fuels. As a result, it has been applying and developing its capacities in the fields of engineering and technological innovation to all types of natural gas infrastructures for many years. 

Over the period from its first engineering projects in the 1970s to the present day, SENER has become one of the leading contractors for turnkey projects in the gas sector, with references that include major regasification terminals, cryogenic storage tanks, to developing the virtual gas pipeline concept (LNG distribution) that comprises of small and medium liquefaction plants, LNG distribution tanks for land, river and maritime transport, as well as small and medium-scale regasification terminals.. 

SENER is a technological company with significant experience not only in all areas of the LNG value chain (liquefaction, storage, regasification, distribution and power generation), but SENER also specializes in other key aspects of this type of project such as naval engineering, marine civil works and others. SENER has a substantial reference list in LNG and coastal projects around the world.

Furthermore, as a technologist, SENER has developed its own solutions, including the boil-off gas recondenser or reliquifier, the design for a cryogenic storage tank, as well as a wide range of floating solutions for storage of LNG, regasification and power generation.

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