SENER's Mission, Values and Vision

The Mission, Values and Vision that must act as a permanent benchmark for SENER and the companies that make up the Group are defined by its shareholders under the terms described below.

This declaration is not only a business ideology but a core guideline of SENER’s Corporate Governance system, as explicitly stated in its Articles of Association. The “Mission, Values and Vision” are fundamental to the company’s strategy and clarify and direct all SENER’s activities, guiding the professional and ethical behavior of the whole staff. 

SENER's Mission

SENER's Mission, Vision and Values

SENER's Mission, Vision and Values

The “Mission, Values and Vision” are fundamental to the company’s strategy and clarify and direct all SENER’s activities, guiding the professional and ethical behavior of the whole staff..[+]

Hi-tech engineering solutions in the clients and society service

SENER’s mission is to serve its clients and society by providing advanced, accurate, and effective engineering solutions that improve its clients’ businesses and facilitate society’s access to competitive, safe, sustainable, and state-of-the-art services, equipment, and utilities.

SENER should contribute to generating wealth and employment, acting as a benchmark due to its firm commitment to excellence in engineering and innovation, its dedication to serving its clients, the development of its professionals, its ethical principles, good corporate governance, social responsibility, quality, safety of its staff , and care for the environment.

SENER's Values

SENER is committed to the following values, demanding the same of its staff, which must also be reflected in all its corporate policies, guidelines, and other internal procedures:

  • Excellence as a corporate culture
  • Our Clients
    "SENER always aims to offer its clients excellent solutions that meet the commitments it has taken on, and, if possible, exceed expectations. [...]"
  • Staff. Professionality. Style
    "[...] We believe in our professionals and support their performance, offering an environment with sufficient freedom to motivate individual initiatives that add value to operations and improve SENER. [...]"
  • Ethical Principles. Corporate Governance
    "The conduct of the company and its staff must respond to generally accepted ethical and social responsibility principles, current legislation, and the corporate governance systems in place. [...]"
  • Long-term Management. Creating Sustainable Value
    "[...] Through its operations, taxes, and social responsibility activities, the Group will equally contribute to all stakeholders in the areas where our activities are carried out.[...]"
  • Quality. Safety. Respect for the Environment
    "[...] We always assess the impact of our activities on the environment, designing balanced solutions that are respectful to the environment. [...]"
  • Innovation
    "SENER distinguishes itself through its capacity to create and introduce innovative, multidisciplinary engineering solutions, spearheading the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology and methodologies [....]"
  • Partnerships. Suppliers
    "SENER’s activities normally involve interconnection with partners, allies, and suppliers. [...] relationships based on a spirit of collaboration, loyalty, and fairness, complying with the commitments acquired."
  • Social and Institutional Commitment
    "SENER carries out its projects and activities while responding to its obligations as a member of society, respecting and supporting the wellbeing and interests of the communities where it conducts its work. [...]"

SENER’s Vision

SENER aspires to be a distinguished, international engineering group with a focus on the areas of Transport, Water, Environment, Processes, Gas, Power Generation, Aerospace, Safety and Defense, and Marine Engineering.

In each of these strategic areas, SENER will have a sufficient team of excellent professionals that allows it to be competitive, serve its clients with unique value, and remain in the state-of-the-art. In each of its areas of activity, it should be recognized by a capacity, specialty, or product in which it can present itself as a global leader. It will prioritize contributions that offer the greatest added value to its clients, while remaining close to the conception and management of its projects and constructions. It will support efforts in R&D that make it possible to maintain and decisively advance in the areas defined. It will distinguish itself through technological contributions, value analysis, and reliable and effective operations. It will extend its engineering activities through other activities that broaden its participation in the value chain of its projects, such as system integration, manufacturing, construction, support and operation, delivering fully operational products, systems, and facilities.

It will selectively invest in technological industries, always based on products or processes that are very closely related to its engineering specialties and innovations.

We consider the following as our usual geographical area: Iberia, Mexico and its area of influence, Brazil, the USA, the UK and countries in which engineering is carried out with Anglo-Saxon practices (such as GCC countries), aspiring to have important establishments and operations in these markets. Activities will be extended to other countries depending on realistic opportunities and whether they can be undertaken with sufficient assurance based on previous experience and knowledge of the territory.

Additional Management Criteria for the Company

As a complement to this declaration of Mission, Values, and Vision, the shareholders define:

SENER’s main abilities and experience rest in our people. The recruitment and motivation of the best professionals should be a permanent principle in our operations and a cornerstone of our strategy.

Our activities must generate sufficient value to appropriately remunerate our shareholders and staff , aiming for a return that stays in the medium-high range for the sector.

We will maintain a healthy balance sheet, with solvency ratios that easily exceed the criteria regularly demanded by our clients. Recourse to ordinary borrowing should be avoided in engineering activities.

SENER’s activities regularly include high risks and responsibilities, which we will accept based on our ability and confidence to manage them. We will maintain an excellent system for controlling said risks and we will take appropriate insurance or mitigation measures in each case.

SENER considers the quality in corporate governance and management as an opportunity to create value for our clients, shareholders, and staff , which contributes greatly to our good reputation. SENER’s corporate governance and the fulfillment of its social responsibility will at least be comparable to those of Spanish listed companies of a similar size.

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