Offshore wind energy

Offshore wind energySENER provides solutions for offshore wind farms with monopiles or floating foundations. Our capabilities cover the full range of services in a wind farm project:

  • Permitting & Feasibility studies
  • Metocean & Wind resource
  • Mooring & Dynamic cable analysis
  • Simulation of offshore turbines
  • Design of monopiles & TP
  • Design of floating foundations
  • Owner’s Engineering Services
  • Construction Management and Commissioning


Advantages of the Offshore wind energy

  • Offshore winf farmOffshore wind energy is a renewable and inexhaustible resource.
  • The wind resource existing in the sea is of a higher quality than the produced on land:
    • The constant wind speed allows offshore wind farms to have a longer working period, producing energy all day long.
    • The combination of a highest average wind speed and the economy of scale allows the installation of large size turbines and, consequently, improve performance.
  • Offshore wind generation facilities are closer to consumption areas.
  • The visual and acoustic impact is lower.


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