The power generation plant sector has become one of the most recognized activities at SENER. The company undertakes projects where criteria of efficiency, performance, and availability surpass even the expectations of its clients and partners.

In Power, SENER develops cogeneration power plants, open-cycle and combined-cycle thermal power plants, as well as other traditional thermal generation technologies. In all of these, SENER applies the technology that fits best in each case and designs power plants for any configuration using the world’s leading OEMs, such as GE, Siemens, MHPS, Skoda and Toshiba.

In doing so, in conjunction with its extensive experience in design and construction, SENER has specialised in integrating different technologies (TG, HRSG, TV), thus helping to close the cycle and guaranteeing the best technical-economic solutions for its projects.

In recent years, SENER has excelled as a turnkey supplier of combined cycle and cogeneration plants, and its portfolio of past works in this type of plant totals over 10,000 MWe of installed capacity throughout the world.

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