Kincardine floating offshore windfarm project

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Parque eólico marino flotante de Kincardine
Parque eólico marino flotante de Kincardine
  • Client: COBRA
  • Start date: 2019
  • Ending date: 2020
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SENER is involved in a large floating offshore wind farm that COBRA is building 15 km offshore from the Scottish coast of Aberdeen. SENER's work ranges from supervising the manufacture of the floating platforms to analysing the technical feasibility of assembling the wind turbines, as well as providing technical assistance in monitoring the plant.

With a 50 MW rated capacity and fitted with a 2 MW turbine and five other 9.525 MW turbines, the project is expected to be operational by 2020 - 2021, making it the largest floating offshore wind farm in the world.

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