Mild hydrocracker for the Repsol refinery - 2P42

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Puertollano Puertollano Puertollano
  • Country: Spain
  • Contract type: EPCM
  • Start date: 2002
  • Ending date: 2004
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Mild hydrocracker for the Repsol refinery, Puertollano, Ciudad Real, Spain.

The new “Mild Hydrocracker” units designed and built for the Repsol refinery at Puertollano (Ciudad Real) are designed to regenerate amines and recover sulphur. The project follows criteria established in the P-42 Repsol project to increase the production of medium distilled products and achieve a level of sulphur that complies with European Union requirements. In addition, the building of the new hydrogen production unit is assigned to it.

SENER carries out the detail engineering, purchases management and building supervision associated with the “Revamping” of the distillation and vacuum units and the FCC, as well as the Merox caustic treatment process, the desulphurisation of medium and heavy distilled products and the new double stripper unit for acid waters. It also participates in the extension of offsites and auxiliary services, involving two new storage tanks, a new water demineralisation plant, the instrument air compressors, the cooling tower and the natural gas regulation and measurement station, the process interconnections and services associated with the aforementioned units. SENER provides support in site supervision.

  • Project data:
  • Nominal capacity: 371,700 kg/h.
  • Revamping of Mild Hydrocraker Unit, Vacuum Unit, New Sour Water Unit (D.S.S.W.), revamping of FCC (light fractions and naphtha fractioning), revamping of medium and heavy distillates HDS, offsites and auxiliary services.
  • Basic Engineering: KBC + REPSOL-YPF + SENER.
  • Contract type: EPCM.
  • SCOPE: Detail Engineering and Management of Procurement and Construction (EPCM).

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