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Gasoducto Los Ramones – Fase I Gasoducto Los Ramones – Fase I Gasoducto Los Ramones – Fase I
Gasoducto Los Ramones – Fase I
Gasoducto Los Ramones – Fase I
Gasoducto Los Ramones – Fase I
  • Client: asoductos del Noreste (GDN)
  • Country: Mexico
  • Start date: 2013
  • Ending date: 2014
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Pipeline Los Ramones (phases 1 & 2) in Camargo, Mexico.

In a first phase, SENER has participated in the detailed engineering of the 116-km, 48-inch diameter gas pipeline, whose construction has been carried out by the company Bonatti.

In a second Phase, SENER, in consortium with Bonatti, has delivered two compression stations that make up the Los Ramones 1 Transport System, in Mexico, to Gasoductos del Noreste (GDN). This concludes the first phase of the turnkey project, comprising the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of two compression stations located in Ciudad Camargo (in the state of Tamaulipas, on the border with the US) and Los Ramones (in the state of Nueva León, near Monterrey).

It should be noted that each compression station has its own control system which will also be connected via satellite to the State gas pipeline network’s central control system in Mexico City. Both the stations and the gas pipeline use the same supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system and pipeline management system (PMS) to maintain the integrity of the project.

  • Project data:
  • Pipeline 48 " in diameter, with a distance of 117 km to receive 1,000 MMSCFD.
  • It has two compression stations called Frontera and Los Ramones that have area of pig launcher and receiver, metering skid, separators and coalescer fi lters.
  • Contract type: 
    ·Phase I: Detailed engineering for the gas pipeline
    ·Phase II: EPC two compression stations Engineering.

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