Refining (downstream)

Complejo petroquímico de la Cangrejera en Veracruz (México)

SENER has refining projects in Latin America and Spain, where it has participated in designing and building the main refineries. Its clients include Repsol, DOW Chemical, CEPSA, GE Plastics/SABIC, YPF, and Pemex.

SENER comprehensively develops hydrocarbon and petrochemical refining facilities, from full engineering and project management through to the construction and turnkey delivery to the client.

SENER’s portfolio of references in this sector includes units for atmospheric distillation, vacuum, isomerization, hydrocracking, alkylation, visbreaking, merox, hydrogen, sulfur, amines, benzene reduction, olefins, ammonia, chloromethane, and propane and phenol dehydrogenation.



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