Smart Assets

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With the strength of a leading group, SENER's way of looking to the future is by innovating—reinventing excellence to adapt it to new requirements. Our passion for the technological challenge leads us to consider how to offer a differential value in project execution through new and better technologies.

Smart Asset Management provides our customers with very specific benefits within the scope of production, availability, and reduction of operating costs and asset maintenance. Responding to the challenges posed by current markets through new technologies. SENER's vision, in this regard, includes a digital asset enriched throughout its life cycle, which can respond to all demands, services, and new business models.

Within the area of Sustainability and Energy Transition, Smart Asset Management will help in different fields. Some examples we would like to highlight would be the possibility of prolonging the service life of the assets, allowing their footprint to be reduced, and providing indicators that allow us to control, present, and monitor their impact.

Equipment does not usually operate under the optimal conditions for which it was designed, nor does its production respond to theoretical technical performance. This means facing premature wear or unforeseen problems, resulting in a loss of asset performance and/or a reduction of its service life.

Prolonging service life of assets is a cornerstone of sustainability. SENER is able to extend assets´ service life by using acquired knowledge, capabilities of digital twins and Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially in its Machine Learning branch.

SENER is a data-driven organization that prioritizes data and makes decisions based on it, allowing the organization to achieve competitive advantages and optimize its processes by using the data efficiently. Our culture is based on a very strong data analysis policy.

By developing tools to support the operator, an optimal and controlled operation of assets can be ensured. This reduces the consumption of resources, while simultaneously reducing waste and quality failures.

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