Solar and Renewables

Renewable energies are where SENER has in large part shaped its extensive capabilities for innovation and technological development, to the point of becoming the leader in several of the technologies in which it works:

  • Parabolic trough thermosolar plants with thermal storage.
  • Central tower with molten salt receiver and heliostat field with thermal storage.
  • Photovoltaic-solar thermoelectric hybrid plants where SENER has its own photovoltaic tracker product
  • Photovoltaic plants
  • High efficiency municipal solid waste (MSW) recovery plants.
  • High efficiency biomass plants.
  • Off-shore wind
  • Wave power.

SENER is active throughout the value chain in these areas, from designing and developing new technologies and patented processes in the solar energy to the engineering, construction, and subsequent operation, and finally the development, promotion, and investment, in the majority of cases, through its Energy Area, alongside companies in which it holds shares, such as Torresol Energy.

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