Turnkey projects

SENER specializes in basic and detailed engineering, supply management, construction, start-up, industrial plant operation and maintenance, responsibilities that are generally carried out as EPC or turnkey projects with the utmost requirements for quality, security, and environmental protection, and with aspects of technological innovation and product excellence.

Thanks to its highly qualified multidisciplinary team and over 15 years of experience in EPC contracts, SENER has a command of all the activities that turnkey construction entails, and has a notable track record of projects executed on time and at cost to great success.

SENER offers the following services in each of the phases that make up a turnkey project:


SENER’s professionals carry out all the project engineering, from the feasibility phase to the conceptual, basic, detailed, and construction engineering. SENER has specialists in practically all engineering disciplines: industrial plants, marine engineering, systems, civil infrastructure, aerospace engineering, and aeronautics.

This extensive multidisciplinary ability enables the company to have a global vision of the project, from the initial phases, where the project’s later success is determined, to implementing highly advanced technological solutions, all of which notably benefits the subsequent construction stages and ensures the result in terms of performance, efficiency, deadline, and costs.

Supply management

SENER manages all stages of this phase, from selecting and approving suppliers to negotiating and purchasing, including expediting manufacturing and inspecting supplies, and delivery and transit logistics.

As an independent company, SENER is not subject to agreements with any supplier, so it can choose the ideal solution for the project in each case.


Construction is the most important stage in turnkey projects due to its economic significance and the meeting of deadlines. It is thus critical that it is managed correctly. SENER has qualified and internationally experienced professionals who manage all aspects of building an industrial plant: safety, environmental and quality management, constructability, planning, subcontract management, on-site mobilization, organizing subcontractors, prefabrication control, change management, material storage and logistics.


Along with the project engineering, the start-up is the most critical technical area for achieving on-time delivery and completion, and the performance of the turnkey projects. Highly qualified people work for SENER, who bring together very wide-ranging knowledge of the industry and of engineering. They are therefore able to take on challenges with confidence.

SENER’s start-up teams include its clients’ professionals in order to ensure they are trained and qualified to the degree of carrying out assurance and functionality testing.

Operation and maintenance (O&M)

As an extension of SENER’s turnkey projects, clients may need ongoing support to manage and operate their industrial plants. Thus, SENER has developed frameworks and methods, training professionals who are experts in O&M, more than capable of meeting these demands.

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